Using Data for Federal Hiring


Hiring of DC VA Medical Center Director Is

Under Investigation – Washington Post


Director of Veterans Hospital Accused of

Manipulating Ratings Is Replaced – the

New York Times 2018

Washington Post: New VA secretary to

shuffle department leadership – 2018

Kuster: It’s Time for New Leadership

in the VA New England Healthcare

System - 2018


VA Medical Center Directors

consistently replaced due to

corruption or mismanagement

Veterans are caught in the middle

Bad top management causes trickle

down to employees

Favoritism/Cronyism runs rampant in

the system

Why is this


Taxpayer money is used for VA funding.

Hiring the same type managers/directors

Veterans paying the price due to poorly

managed health care operatations

Causes frustration with employees

having inconsistent management

Good quality candidates will not apply or

leave due to lack of promotion


Poor quality candidates will move up

the ladder

Cycle continues

Can Big Data Solve


It is the best alternative

A different approach

The VA has not changed their

method of hiring even when

nationwide mismanagement has


Pairing algorithms with hiring

managers to help identify

potential candidates

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